Welcome Back!

Welcome back to a new year of ECE Teacher Talk: 2014-2015! After a nice summer hiatus, we here at ECE Teacher Talk are back in business. We have an awesome line-up of bloggers for this school year including some returning bloggers from last year, as well as new writers from various roles in the field of early childhood education. While we may work with different age groups (some with college teacher candidates, infants, toddlers, pre-kindergarteners, and school-age kids, and other adult educators), different needs (including students with special needs and those with typical developmental paths), different interests (from social-emotional to cognitive to physical to musical to nutritional to technological to developmental to beyond), the one thing that unites us all is our passion for serving young children and their families. We hope that you share this passion with us!

There are several ways to connect with us at ECE Teacher Talk this year. Feel free to check back occasionally by visiting our blog. Yet, to make things easier on yourself (hey, you’re a busy educator too, you know!), click on the “Follow” button to the right and enter your email address. This will make your life 100% easier by delivering each new post that our fabulous bloggers write directly to your email inbox.

If you’re a blog-follower that prefers to view your blogs through a reader, whether that is through another blog site like Blogger, here at WordPress, or through a reader app like Bloglovin’ or Feedly, just add our site name https://eceteachertalk.wordpress.com and have our posts come directly to you!

With each new post you read, feel free to share what you read and learn. Check out the “Share” buttons at the bottom of the post to email the post to a friend, post to a Facebook page/ group, pin it on Pinterest, tweet it on Twitter, add it to a page on WordPress/ Google +, print it, and just generally shout it out to the masses!

We are so grateful for our visitors and followers. We hope that this blog serves to inform you, excite you, and overall inspire you with new ideas, skills, and attitudes that you can use in your daily work with young children. Happy reading!


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