ECE Teacher Talk: Our Past and Future

Welcome back to the ECE Teacher Talk blog! This is your one-stop shop for all things related to early childhood education written by amazing educators affiliated with Illinois State University and written for the fantastic community of early childhood educators connected to the university and beyond! As we are gearing up for a new year of posts, we welcome new guest bloggers, a new editor, and new content!

In looking towards the future, we reflect on the growth of this little blog that could, by reviewing statistics related to the blog over the last few years and specifically last school year–2015-2016. Check out our exciting stats here:

9-16-blog-stats As you can see in this table from our host site:, our viewership has been steadily growing since the blog began in 2013! Hooray! This is due to you, our readers consistently returning to check out the great content that our bloggers create. 2016, thus far, has had the most views, and the year is not even done yet! Look forward to awesome content to come this fall!

9-16-blog-countriesOur viewers come from far and wide, and the reach of the blog has been growing every year! This infographic, created by WordPress, highlights where our readers were when they viewed posts from ECE Teacher Talk over the 2015 year. We are so excited to say that we have readers as close to ISU as in Normal, Illinois (our home base) and as far and wide as Australia (114), Singapore (7), Nigeria (4), Finland (1), and Malta (1). This year’s goals include maintaining our readership this year and continuing to grow. If you know anyone who is interested in early childhood education, please help us with this goal and pass our site along! Know that each of our posts offers quick and easy sharing links at the bottom of each post, making this goal an easy task!


This image gives a quick view of how the messages of the ECE Teacher Talk blog were passed along this past school year. We are hoping that the formats our readers take for sharing this year will follow similar and new paths!

9-16-blog-top-posts Here is a quick list of our most popular posts from this last year. Woohoo to these bloggers, and all of ours from last year! This list provides a great example of the variety of content about which our bloggers write. Following the ECE Teacher Talk blog guarantees that you will find topics that connect to real practice from real educators in the field and in teacher preparation. We are so excited for the posts you’ll encounter this year!


This last tidbit is just for fun! We cannot wait to get this blogging year underway, but first,  appreciation is needed for everyone connected to ECE Teacher Talk! Thanks to all of the guest bloggers who have created the amazing content that has drawn these readers in over the past few years. Without you, our blog would not be as innovative and interesting as it is today. And a big thanks goes to you, our readers! Without you, our blog would not exist! We hope seeing these statistics instills a sense of ownership and pride in each of you for helping to make this initial dream of connecting with our ISU graduates into something more inviting and inspiring than we ever thought. Onward towards a great blogging year!

This post is brought to you by the ECE Teacher Talk team of editors: Kira Hamann ’05, Dr. Amanda Quesenberry, and Dr. Nancy Latham.

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